•Wipe cupboards and surfaces

•Wipe the outside of appliances (oven, fridge, microwave, extractor, dishwasher)

•Wipe the small appliances

•Wash dishes

•Scrub the sink and faucet

•Wipe the door handles and switches

•Vacuum and mop the floor

•Take out the rubbish and re-bag bins


•Wash and polish the sink, tub, mirrors, shower cabin, toilet bowl, tiles

•Wipe cupboards and drawers, doors and handles and light switches

•Sweep and mop the floor

•Throw waste and re-bag bins


•Dust and wipe all flat surfaces and furniture (wardrobe, bed frame, dressing table etc)

•Dust and/or wipe the door and handles, light switches, pictures frames and lampshades.c

•Vacuum (including under the bed) and mop the floor

Living Room/Dining Room:

•Wipe all surfaces, doors and handles and light switches.

•Dust decorative ornaments, lampshades and furniture

•Vacuum and mop the floor


•Dust furniture, pictures frames, decorative ornaments and staircase handrails

•Vacuum and mob floors.

Verandas, patios and balconies:

•Sweep and mop verandas and patios or balconies

Extra Works to be executed upon request (additional charge)

•Change bed sheets

•Wash clothes and or hang the laundry

•Iron clothes

•Fold and arrange clothes in the wardrobe

•Clean the inside of the oven or the fridge

•Clean blinds

•Clean Windows

•Water the plants

•Feed the pets